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Below are the RSVPs for the 40 Year Reunion at the Manly Skiff Club as at 30 Jan 2020:
Name Attending ?
Ward, Senan Yes
Cardiff, Barry Yes
Bobis, Les  
O'Brien, John  
Armstrong, Patrick  
Arneil, John YES
Ashworth, Gerard  
Baird, Stephen No
Barr, Gerald YES
Bonny, Warwick  
Bowe, Geoffrey  
Braybrook, Mark Yes
Britton, David No
Casazza, Stephen  
Cashman, Mark  
Catalano, Dominic No
Chesher, Paul  
Clutton, Roderick  
Colby, Glenn  
Collier, Larry No
Collins, Chris  
Connolly, John Yes
Copping, David Yes
Cork, Martin YES
Cusack, Chris  
Doherty, Eric Interested
Douglas, Rod  
Drake, Stephen NO
Dunphy, Damien YES
Dunsmore, Glenn  
English, Bradley  
Facey, Mark  
Facey, Paul  
Farrell, David  
Ferguson, Craig  
Filocamo, Vincent No
Finlayson, Bernard  
Frost, Peter  
George, Mark  
Giumelli, Neil  
Hannagan, Gerard YES & paid
Hardie, Scott  
Harrington, Paul  
Hartman, Cameron  
Hayes, Michael  
Hembrow, Robert NO
Henry, Anthony  
Hogan, Gregory  
Hutchinson, Jeremy  
Johnson, Matthew  
Jones, Simon (Cole)  
Kacskovics, Andrew NO
Keating, Brian YES
Kelly, Matthew YES & paid
Kilpatrick, David YES
La Cava, Joseph YES
Labone, John  
Langford, Graeme NO
Livermore, Christopher  
Lynch, Anthony YES
Maddy, Roderic  
Maertin, Philip  
Marr, Michael  
Mason, Gregory  
Matthes, Stephen  
Matthews, Kenneth  
Mayne, Phillip Neil NO
McBeth, Gregory  
McDonald, Keith  
McGowan, Peter  
McHugh Tim  
McHugh, Michael  
McKinnon, Andrew YES x 2 & paid
Metcalfe, Mark YES
Morton, Peter  
Murray, Craig  
Nixon, Garry  
O'Leary, Chris  
O'Neill, Paul YES & paid
Orth, Phillip NO
Osborn, Kevin YES
Pearman, Dominic YES
Pearson, Brent  
Perrin, Austen  
Price, Chris  
Princi, Peter YES
Quail, Brendan YES
Radalj, Michael YES
Rankin, Neil YES
Reader, Marc NO
Reeve, Glenn  
Ristuccia, Anthony YES
Roache, Stuart  
Rochford, Matthew YES
Rogan, Mark  
Rorke, Hayden  
Rulewski, Paul  
Ryan, Glenn NO
Saunders, Jeffrey  
Selby, Marc NO
Simons, Greg  
Smee, Gavin YES
Smith, Michael  
Stapleton, Gerard NO
Stretton, Michael  
Tarr, Chris Interested
Townsend, Martin YES & paid
Vandervaere, John  
Varney, Robert YES
Walker, Peter NO
Wallace, Steven  
Warne, Chris  
Waye, Michael NO
White, Anthony YES
Whitting, Christopher  
Wiggins, James  
Williams, Robert YES & paid
Winny, Thomas  
Wright, Martin  
Wright, Shaun  

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Missing in Action

According to the school records, there were 134 students & we managed to locate 119. 5 are deceased (Shem Barton - 5 Nov 1983 & John Peters - 24 Nov 1984 & Steve Allen 24 Jun 2012 & John Delohery - 25 Mar 2015 & Peter Tanner - 7 Sep 2019 &) with 12 unaccounted for. The list is below. I have used all sorts of online tools, ie Google, Facebook, Whitepages, ABN searches, Business Name searches, Linkedin, ZoomInfo but can't seem to trace these guys. If anyone has any ideas, tips, or information, please send it on.

Name Known Details
Jonathon Buckley Attended year 9
Curtis, David Attended year 9
Garland, Paul Attended year 5
Eric Doherty is trying to track him dowm.
Gibson, Michael Attended years 5-7
Kewin, Robert ??
Lambert, Stephen ??
Malcolm, Jeffrey Attended years 5-6
Muir, Andrew Attended year 9
Sharp, Phillip Attended years 5-6
Smith, Brendan Attended year 5
Smith, Richard Attended years 4-12
Went to St Josephs Narrabeen. I think the years listed are incorrect.
Van Haren, Joseph Attended year 5